Black Magic by Baba Bangali

Often tender bonds between life partners, couples, husband-wife (-spouses) or significant others become weaker due to following reasons.

When you feel misunderstood or you are being taken advantage of in your relationship.

Lack of accordance with your partner.

Your partner dominates you at all the time.

If you feel that whatever you say is misinterpreted and not taken as you meant it.

You find yourself weak and impotent while confront your partner.

You suspects character or moral of your partner, knowingly or unknowingly.

Aversion to have sexual relations with your partner.

You have a fear that your significant other is being disloyal, deceptive or misleading you.

Either your partner or you or both of you find jealous, malice, hatred or envy for each other.

Certain pressure or obligation makes you speechless before your partner.

It seems like you have made bad choices in relationships and now it has developed disgust feeling about partner's habits.

You find your wavelength cannot be tuned to your partner's.

You find yourself weak in communication and often get the wrong impression when you try to communicate with your partner or colleague.

You find your relations are worsened and surplus of fighting over the period.

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